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The bird's voice just did it for me. The animation suited this sort of cartoon in my opinion, and the humour was sort of unexpected overall. Good job in my opinion!

Yeah, not sure what this is supposed to be. Good animation I guess, good voice acting, but I mean, what is the joke here? Maybe I don't get the "reference", but I have no idea how this got Daily 2nd, I tried, but I can't find this funny at all. Maybe it's just me.

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This was brilliant. No plot, no explanation whatsoever, but still, incredibly funny, even if I can't understand why. Probably the hilarious voice acting which perfectly suited the mood, along with the great background music. Excellent animation.

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It's a beautiful game with a strong message and I'm fond of the pixelized art style. I feel sincerely sorry for everyone who had to suffer through something like this, and if this is your story, I'm truly sorry for your loss, and may your dad rest in peace, but with no disrespect intended I must say that this doesn't feel like a game should to me. It transmits the story in an original way, but it lacks something. It's indeed a very sad story for everyone who can relate, but a story doesn't make a game, at least for me, even though I understand why people may like the game just because it touches them. Also, is that a bitcoin adress at the end? From what I've seen, most people think that it is a sort of mysterious code. If you want people to donate to you, you should be more open about it, because if they enjoy your game, they surely will like to help.

Honestly got surprised with the ending, had to idea it was coming, and I like that. Pretty enjoyable small game.

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Great time waster, with a good idea behind it.

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Great Song

I really wanted to hear his voice a bit louder, but I know you couldn't do nothing to change, so, 10/10, 5/5.
Fantastic work.

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks a lot man! Yeah that's too bad the acapella version sucks so much :(

It's good...

Well, the guitar is fine, but the drums are a bit lame, I almost only hear the bass drum.
The vocals, no ofense, but they're awful.
I think you can do much better, this song just doesn't sound good for me.
If you need some vocals, I think I can help you, if you want to, contact me.
Good luck!

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AgeofEnlightenment responds:

yeah, thanks lol.


Nice beat, I like it :D

SpaceCakeNinja responds:

Cool, i like your review :)

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I like the panda's smile xD

I like it

Nice drawing, the red tears are really cool
Awesome work =D

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks. I got the idea from My chemical Romance Music video .


Very cool dude
Just awesome =D

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