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I like the panda's smile xD

I like it

Nice drawing, the red tears are really cool
Awesome work =D

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks. I got the idea from My chemical Romance Music video .


Very cool dude
Just awesome =D

Awesome =D

I love his expression, it's just so cool xD
I love the drawing, it's just freaking awesome!!

Fantastic work ;D

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Muito engraçado xD
Very funny xD

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peixeaquatico responds:


Very cool

Dude the drawing is amazing! Very unusual, but in a good way. Keep drawing more stuff =D


Funny...maybe. Original...yes. Good...no. You can call me everything you want, just like you did with DN83. I don't care. Because I like good art. You can add a face and lots of penis to a horse...but it doesn't make it art. I like the style of the drawing. I think you can use your talent to draw some very nice stuff. Come to the good side of art. I will wait for the day, the day were you will draw something awesome. Not a horse with a face and lots of penis.

piggypup responds:

Listen man, Just cuz you dont LIKE the particular content of an art peice does NOT automatically not make it art. Just cuz you dont like something doesn't make it any less valid. You also dont HAVE to look at it, nobody has a gun pointing to your head making you stare at my picture. You can quit your bitching and exit the page. Not really that hard man. I'm sorry, The good side of art never accepted me, I'll never go there. Its boring anyway. If you have a problem with seeing a penis every now and then, maybe you should go back to Nickelodeon.com. This site is for big boys.

Thanks for the review based solely on your opinion of the art content and not anything constructive, FAGGET!


Maybe I am being unfair. Maybe I don't understand modern art. Maybe I don't now how to enjoy this. But all I can say now is that the drawing sucks. I don't no how your mind works, but in mine a snowman with a penis...is simply stupid. The gun okay...but a penis?! Stupid, I say again. Please forgive me if I don't understand you, but this is what I think.

Just one word...

WTF!? I kinda like it but when I first saw it I was like f*** what is this? The drawing is fine, but I am not into the crazy style of drawing.

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I think it's cool

I think the drawing is very nice. The blood is very cool. I think it fits in the image. I've always liked images with a dark style. I don't no if you understand what I want to say with dark but I can't explain it in any other way. I just didn't liked the text. Anyway, the drawing is very cool. I think you should make more drawings with this style.

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